About Us


About HomeBeast.in

The idea of making this website came to Arpit, when he wanted to buy an air conditioner for his new house. He searched on google and read the different reviews on the internet but he did not find any good websites that provide useful and important information about products.

Now Arpit felt that many people are facing this problem, so why don’t I create a website where in one can find every kind of product information. So he created this website to help people find correct and unbiased reviews.

The purpose of creating this website is to tell the right information to the people about the latest technology in the kitchen and home appliances.

Our Team

A team of 3 person are currently working for this website. We are very excited to tell you about our team members. Those members are described below.


Arpit is the founder of Homebeast. He loves reviewing product since when he was 10 years old. He completed his graduation in Delhi University. He is very enthusiastic about reviewing the latest product in the market.


Ankit is a young boy from Haryana. He loves writing reviews about home appliances and all the latest technology available in market.


He is a 52 years old man, He has a big electronics shop in his city and also has a great knowledge about kitchen appliances. He provides vital and good information about the latest products of the kitchen and other home appliances to the author.