best air cooler for a large room in India

You are very disturbed by the heat and you need an air cooler that can provide coolness in your large size room.

By the way, this is a major problem because in a large room, cooling is not so easy, it takes a lot of time to cool a large room with a air cooler.

But don’t worry, we have tested a lot of air coolers to find out which air cooler is the best that can cool a large room as soon as possible.

This is our review of the best air cooler for a large room in India 2021.

Let’s see which are best !

Symphony Movicool XL 100 G Large space Cooler 100-litres

Symphony Limited, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is an Indian multinational company specialising in the production of cutting-edge air coolers. Domestic and commercial air coolers are among the products it produces. The Guinness World Record Ltd. has also certified it as the manufacturer of the world’s largest working air cooler.

Symphony Movicool XL 100 G features a powerful 26-meter air throw for faster cooling and a weather-resistant body for long life.

Symphony Movicool XL 100 G coolers are ideal for industrial and commercial use due to their rugged, weather-resistant body and simple portability. Its unrivalled efficiency is accompanied by the promise of low power consumption, which is estimated to be about 7-10% of air conditioning.


Three dust filters on each side ensure clean, safe air.
Automatic water filling float valve.
Honeycomb pad with high quality

  • 100L Tank
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Cooling Pads That Can Be Easily Removed And Cleaned
  • Heavy-Duty Wheels That Lock
  • For Faster Air Cooling, A \Powerful 26 M Air Throw Is Available
  • A Long-Lasting, Weather-Resistant Body
  • Slow Cooling

Orient Electric Ultimo CD6501H 65 litres Desert Air Cooler (Grey)

The durable Orient air coolers have huge tank capacity and a super efficient fan-motor combination. They’re clearly the best in their category, with superior air distribution, air throw, cooling power, low noise, and easy manoeuvrability.

Orient Ultimo features Aerofan technology and DenseNest Honeycomb pads to provide optimal cooling with minimal water and power waste.

Orient Electric Ultimo has three cooling pads on each side, three fan speed settings, a plain yet tastefully built control panel, and sturdy castor wheels for easy mobility.


AEROFAN TECHNOLOGY: It provides the longest air throw and guarantees optimal air circulation while producing the least amount of noise.
DENSENEST HONEYCOMB PADS: Since there is a smaller distance between the cooling flutes, it provides 25% more cooling and 45 percent more water retention.
FULLY COLLAPSIBLE LOUVRES: This keeps dust and insects out of the cooler. The vertical louvres are motorised, while the horizontal louvres are manually operated.

  • Prevents Mosquito Breeding
  • Ice Chamber
  • High-Gloss Durable Body
  • Noisy

Symphony Movicool L 125 Large space Cooler 125-litres

Symphony Limited is specialised in the production of cutting-edge air coolers. Its products include both domestic and commercial air coolers. Symphony generates 25-30% of its revenue from the international sector, which includes Mexico, Europe, the United States, West Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Symphony Movicool L 125 Large space Cooler 125-litres has fully closable horizontal louvers and low power consumption of 215W that is suitable for every home.

Symphony Movicool L 125 Large space Cooler 125-litres has Powerful 3 speed fan and easily removable and cleanable cooling pads.


It has three side dust filters for pure healthy air.
Float valve for auto water filling.
It has lockable heavy-duty wheels

  • 8500 m³/hr Air Delivery
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Powerful 3 Speed Fan
  • Easily Removable And Cleanable Cooling Pads
  • Little Bit Noisy

Symphony Winter 80XL i+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 80-litres

Symphony, an Indian multinational corporation with operations in more than 60 countries, is the world’s largest air-cooler maker. Symphony is an industry leader that has been cooling consumers for decades, from inventions to technologies, energy responsibility to environmental stewardship.

Symphony Winter 80XL i+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 80-litres have large 80 L tank capacity and only consumes 190 watts.

Symphony Winter 80XL i+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler has 4 side honeycomb cooling pads, Cool flow dispenser and SMPS technology.


It has i-pure technology.
It has high efficiency honeycomb pads.
It has a full function remote with a timer.

  • Large 80 L Tank Capacity
  • Cool Flow Dispenser
  • SMPS Technology
  • Only For Rooms Up To 40 m²

Orient Electric Knight CD-7003H Desert Cooler – 70 Litres, Grey

The groundbreaking ECM inverter technology was first used in India by Orient Electric air coolers. With each season, it ensures savings due to low power usage and lower operating costs.

Orient Electric Knight cooler, which is equipped with a variety of features to serve as your all-in-one cooler during inclement weather. The highly efficient cooling pad maintains constant cooling levels and aids in the uniform distribution of air throughout the room.

Orient Electric Knight CD-7003H Desert Cooler comes with a tank size of 70 litres, you can enjoy continuous cooling for an extended period of time.


Dense nest honeycomb pads
Aero fan technology
anti- bacterial filter

  • Air Delivery : 3650m3/Hr
  • Air Throw : 60Ft.
  • 3 Speed Motor
  • Noisy
  • No Remote

Hindware Snowcrest 100-H Desert Cooler – 100 Litres, White

Cool off with Hindware coolers, which are both stylish and practical. These coolers are efficient in providing optimum cooling and comfort, with changeable colour panels and a powerful air-delivery feature that reaches the nooks of your spaces.

Hindware Snowcrest 100-H Desert Cooler has a stylish cooler with a sleek design that blends in perfectly and cools quickly.

Hindware Snowcrest 100W 100L Desert cooler is a high-end product from Hindware Moglix, a well-known ecommerce site for high-quality Desert coolers. They are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques.


Honey-Comb Pads: It comes with low maintenance honeycomb pads that stand the test of time.
Water Level Indicator: This ensures that you do not run out of water.
Castor Wheels: It helps in easy portability of the cooler.

  • High Air Delivery
  • Inverter Compatibility
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • Pricey

Havells Altima Desert Air Cooler 70 litres with Powerful Air Delivery and Smell Free Honecomb pads (Dark Teal)

Havells, a leader in product innovation, has introduced a new line of smart coolers featuring Breatheezee TechnologyTM. Havells air coolers – with Breatheezee Technology TM – feature dust filters on three sides and fully collapsible louvres on the front to prevent dust from entering the cooler, unlike conventional coolers that operate on natural evaporative cooling theory.

The Breatheezee Technology TM is used in the Havells Altima desert cooler to provide cleaner, healthier, and most importantly, breathable air to the consumers.

Havells Altima Desert Air Cooler 70 litres have thermal overload control technology prevents the fan motor and pump motor from overheating, ensuring a long life for both the pump motor and the fan motor.


3500 m3/hr air delivery for moving a huge amount of air into the local environment.
High density, odor-free honeycomb pads with a 40mm thickness that have a high water retention rate and thus have efficient cooling.
Models with approved earthing core resistance. With a three-core, three-pin power cable, customers would be safer.

  • Remote Control
  • Front Castors With Brakes
  • Ice Chamber
  • Completely Collapsible Louvers
  • 3-Side Washable Dust Filter Nets
  • Humidity Control
  • Temperature Display
  • Slow Cooling

Havells Kool Grande H Desert Air Cooler 85 Litres with Honey comb Pads and Powerful Air Delivery (Grey)

Havells air coolers have unique features such as a sealed water tank to prevent mosquito breeding, an auto drain for fast water drainage, a humidity regulator to control water flow on pads, and a temperature monitor, among others. Their sleek design and air purification system add to their allure, making these air coolers a worthwhile investment throughout the summer.

Havells Kool Grande H Desert Air coolers, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology, are the first of their kind in India. It has a 3200 m3 per hour air delivery rate and a large tank size.

Havells Kool Grande H Desert Air coolers odor-free, high-density honeycomb pads with a 35mm thickness that retain a lot of water and thus have efficient cooling.


Powerful Air Delivery with Ice Chamber: 5 leaf plastic blades deliver 3500 m3/h of powerful air for efficient cooling.
King Size Tank Capacity: It assures one time water filling for a longer duration.
3 Side WoodComb Pads: It absorbs remaining dust particles and cleanse air thoroughly.

  • Smell Free & High Density Honeycomb Pads
  • Thermal Overload Protection Technology
  • Water Filling Neck Is Small

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 115-litres

Symphony Limited was established in 1988 in Gujarat, India, with the aim of establishing a new category of evaporative air-cooling in India and exporting it around the world. Symphony, a leader in the air-conditioning industry, advances ground-breaking solutions to tackle climate change. It offers cooling and comfort solutions at an affordable price for optimum performance, productivity, and well-being.

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 115-litres has easy fill and large 115 L tank capacity.

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler has high efficiency honeycomb cooling pads and i-Pure technology.


It has multi directional wheels for mobility.
It has a cool flow dispenser.
Full function remote with on/off timer.

  • Large 115 L Tank Capacity
  • Consumes 185 Watts
  • Little Bit Of Slow Cooling


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